Joel Pagan Interface Designer & Front-End Developer

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I’m Joel Pagan, an interface designer with serious front-end development skills based out of the Triangle region of North Carolina. Currently at ReverbNation, and always open to projects on the side. Shoot me an email if you want to chat!


I get to work on awesome things all day, from big to small. Sometimes I want to show them off while they're still in progress and sometimes they're just too small to deserve a full feature - check them out below.

“It's the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

  • envolve_scrap
    Envolve Concept

    Proposed design for Envolve Consulting redesign.

  • cb_infocus_scrap
    Chapelboro inFocus

    Chapelboro wanted a way to display editorial content online in a similar fashion to a magazine. The inFocus project specifically aims to allow visitors to ‘get to know’ the person behind the business. The use of large, captivating photography and minimal design elements were used to achieve this effect.

  • rev_scrap
    Shop Revolution

    Development, responsive. Tons of work integrating WordPress and Lightspeed Retail.

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  • cp_scrap
    Charlotte Penthouses

    Design and front-end development. Launching January 2015.

  • tcr
    Treasure Coast Recovery

    Website design and development. Responsive.

  • signup
    ReverbNation Signup Process

    Full redesign of the main registration funnel for ReverbNation. Increased signups overall by 8% using a more friendly aesthetic and requiring less information.

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Whether you have a new project and are curious about my rates or just want to say hello, below is all the information you’ll need to get ahold of me. I am currently accepting new freelance projects.

Joel Pagan

Who is this guy?

I’ve been an interface designer and front-end developer for over 9 years and feel lucky every second to be in a field where I truly love my work.

I strive to learn something new every day and to reach a new milestone with every project. I never settle for average or use what everyone else is doing as an excuse, and I firmly believe the fastest way to improve is to be humble to the opinion of others.